Arabic Calvary Chapel Panania is a Christian congregation serving the Panania community and seeking, engaging, and encouraging others through a life-changing Christian journey. Arabic Calvary Chapel at Panania, New South Wales seeks to be a loving, friendly community that worships God, and serves others. We place a high priority on teaching from the Bible and following the example of Jesus. Our vision is to impact and renew Panania, New South Wales and beyond with the transforming message of Jesus Christ through words and actions. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are - we'd love to get to know you.


Church Service - 11:30 AM | Rising Generation - 7:30 PM

The Team

Meet the Arabic Calvary Team.

  • Ps. Terry & Jo Mekhail
  • Joe & Nancy Martin
  • Noor & Monique Razouk

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Hear from others who call Arabic Calvary Home.


قبل ما اسافر كنت بتفرج علي ترنيمة "لا يكون ظلام" بس كنت بسمعها من فريق جديد بالنسبالي اول مرة كنت اشوفهم، المهم عجبني الترنيمة منهمم وقررت ادخل علي الموقع بتاعهم اشوف مين دول .. لقيتهم فريق في كنيسه هنا في سيدني وعلشان كنت عارفه اني جاية سيدني كتبت عنوان الكنيسه وخليته معايا .. المهم بعد ما وصلت هنا بالصدفة قابلت واحد من الكنيسة دي وعرفت منه ميعاد الاجتماع امتي .. روحت الكنيسه , كل احد اروح احضر وامشي علطول ، محدش كان يعرفني بس كنت حاسه بروح غربيه في المكان كنت حاسه زي ما تكون كنيستي من زمان كنت حاسه ان دا مكاني وانا مجتش هنا صدفه ، الغريب بقي اني دخلت الفريق دا و بقيت بخدم معاهم مع اني مستوايا في العزف ضعيف جدا واقل من اكون مع فريق زي دا! ‫#‏ترتيب_ربنا حلو اووي بجد .. ‪#‎follow_your_heart ‪#‎I_love_my_church كلام كتير بس حبيت اشارك معاكم ..

Nancy 1 year
Shirley & Arteen

Arabic Calvary Chapel is an extension of our family, a congregation who are so full of love and are an inspiration to one another. The past 16 years has seen us grow into ministry within ACC, alongside our family and friends. Involvement in ministry has not only been rewarding and fulfilling, but also a privilege that we are thankful for. We're so grateful to be part of a church that opens its arms and embraces people from such diverse backgrounds. Our prayer is that we, along with the rest of the congregation, will continue to love as Jesus loves.

Shirley & Arteen 16 Years

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